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2007.05.27- Double Door- Russian Circles/Bound Stems

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  • 2007.05.27- Double Door- Russian Circles/Bound Stems

    FREE SHOW!!!
    Sunday, May 27th, 2007
    Double Door

    Flameshovel Records Night

    Russian Circles
    Bound Stems
    plus a special performance from another Chicago Flameshovel band!


    Come join us to celebrate the output of one of Chicago's finest labels.
    Free Admission, Free Giveaways, and more.

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    Damnit why can't I be 21?!


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        the doubl door blowssss
        Originally posted by xavii


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          Originally posted by SLiM View Post
          Damnit why can't I be 21?!
          Mom wouldn't put out!


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            Originally posted by tonyc View Post
            the doubl door blowssss
            the sound sucks, but i still wouldn't mind playing there.
            puppy dogs.


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              Bound Stems sound like Modest Mouse to me, blegh.
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                I seem to remember that Bound Stems sounded exactly like Braid for one song, exactly like Les Savy Fav for another song, and exactly like a band that I stopped paying attention to for the rest of their songs. They were like a late 90s/early 00s indie rock cover band that sang their own words or something.

                I think the sound is usually pretty damn good at the double door. I may be in the minority but I kind of like that place. The only things that pisses me off are that the drinks are way overpriced, and when the place is packed, it's really hard to get to the bar or the bathroom, or just get around in general.

                I like playing there. The booking agent I've always worked with was a good guy, the sound guys weren't dicks, and you can hear everything pretty well on stage.
                "Unfortunately, it appears that we were erroneous in this analysis as well," he added. "Even minor fender-benders seem to cause motorists wearing neckbelts to have their entire heads forcibly ripped from their torsos, landing in the front seat to the shocked screams of terrified onlookers."


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                  I like Double Door a lot. The sound might not be the best, but the location, size and staff are great! Sorry you guys don't dig Bound Stems, but this is still going to be a really great show. And its free!

                  Did I mention its free?