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2007.04.27 - Naperville - Sass Dragons, Yeni Raki

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  • 2007.04.27 - Naperville - Sass Dragons, Yeni Raki

    Friday, April 27th 2007- First Congregational Church
    25 E. Benton
    Naperville, IL

    Sass Dragons-Pope loving buttheads
    Yeni Raki-Some really cool dudes. Pop Jams!
    The Shakedown-(Is this a Nation of Ulysses refrence? No...)
    Hey Lloyd-Christopher?
    Sleepy Octopus-It is rumored that Joe Murphy is in this band... I might be wrong though...

    This should be interesting. It is at a house of God, and I am not a man of the cloth. There will probably be a pre-party at Jimmy's and a post party at Whites Tavern. There will probably be police. Jesus looks pissed.
    How's my penis? Does it look awesome?