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Oh hey, tomorrow, 1-9-11: Mayor For Life @ Darkroom

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  • Oh hey, tomorrow, 1-9-11: Mayor For Life @ Darkroom

    Sunday 1-9-2011, 7pm
    Darkroom, 2210 W. Chicago

    Mayor For Life
    Canyons of Static
    cmn ineed yr hlp

    We are all old and don't want to stay out late before going to work the next day so we plan on quickly rocking you right in your goddamn faces and getting the fuck outta there at a somewhat reasonable hour.

    Oh yeah also, Rich's other band Bear Claw is playing with New Brutalism and The Conformists at Quenchers tonight and you should probably go to that show too because it's pretty awesome.
    "Unfortunately, it appears that we were erroneous in this analysis as well," he added. "Even minor fender-benders seem to cause motorists wearing neckbelts to have their entire heads forcibly ripped from their torsos, landing in the front seat to the shocked screams of terrified onlookers."