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2009.12.29 - Empty Bottle - Czar, Blood of the Tyrant, Chicago Trash Ensemble

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    166 to be exact, which, on a Tuesday in December, made the Bottle folks really happy.

    Hoffa, you guys left a CTE "As Seen on The Soup" t-shirt hanging at the merch booth. I rescued it and will sport it until I have a chance to put some dollars in your hand.
    "One time, Brian brought a parade of juggalos to the Sportsplex like the Pied Piper" -Cosmos
    "Smallen up that ballsack you web-cocked fuck" -Cary


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      Sweet, glad that my illness-related absence didn't matter too much.

      When you guys went on I was most likely shivering on my toilet. That's pretty much what I spent my last night doing.
      "Unfortunately, it appears that we were erroneous in this analysis as well," he added. "Even minor fender-benders seem to cause motorists wearing neckbelts to have their entire heads forcibly ripped from their torsos, landing in the front seat to the shocked screams of terrified onlookers."


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        I think it would be awesome if Hoffa played an entire set dressed as Oscar the Grouch.
        Never go with a hippie to a second location.


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          What? That would be awesome, but I don't understand.


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            cte on my youtube channel

            my battery died as their set was ending so i didn't get anybody else. i wanted to get pics of our friends too =[

            + YouTube Video
            ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

            drums are way too quiet, but they were also way too quiet at the show.
            ...on weed